Missed wind power production: the new technical operating rules in force from 1 july 2020

Prepared by Energy Team

On 14 April 2020, the Gestore dei Servizi Energetici – GSE S.p.A. – published the new “Regole Techniche di Funzionamento” (the “Rules”) for the calculation of the “Mancata Produzione Eolica” (“MPE”). Following these Rules, in force from 1 July 2020, relevant simplifications will be introduced in the contract management process, facilitating the access of operators to the mechanism and ensuring greater information transparency.

The Rules implement the provisions set out by the Resolution 195/2019/R/efr of 21 May 2019 of the Autorità di Regolazione per Energia Reti e Ambiente (“ARERA”); individual operators may delegate, for each production unit, a third party, including the producer, to carry out the activities functional to the disbursement of the forecasted fees and to enter/have access to the information required in the dedicated portal. In addition, in case of a change in the dispatching user, the time required to submit applications will be reduced by dematerializing the documentation and by extracting the technical data already included in the agreements previously stipulated.

In appendix, the full text of the new “Regole Techniche di Funzionamento”, together with a document summarising the main new features introduced by the Rules and the operational management of the transitional period of migration from the old to the new portal.

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