“Fondo nuove competenze”: the valorization of the professionalism of the workers

Prepared by Francesca Tironi and Valentina Panettella

According to the latest data published by the Ministry of Labour, 50.459 workers and 106 small, medium and large enterprises, from North to South, have had access to the “Fondo nuove competenze” (literally “New skills fund”).

The “Fondo nuove competenze”, established by article 88 of the Decreto Rilancio, represents an active policy tool that, in addition to supporting companies by facilitating their adaptation to organizational and production models changed as a result of the epidemiological emergency, aims to raise the professionalism of human capital in the labor market, enabling workers to acquire new or greater skills and increase their employability.

Thanks to specific agreements on the rescheduling of working time, the stipulating parties agree that a percentage of the working time of the employees involved is allocated to the development of a training project aimed at developing skills (which is different from “classic” compulsory training).

The agreements, in fact, must primarily indicate the needs of the employer in terms of new or increased skills related to the introduction of organizational, technological, product, process or service innovations, or refer to the development of skills aimed at increasing the employability of the worker, also in order to promote mobility processes or relocation to other work realities. Therefore, the identification of a personalized and performing training plan is required.

The Fund also covers the cost of training hours, including the related social security and welfare contributions, up to a maximum of 250 hours for each worker.

The training activities can be provided by all the accredited bodies both at national and regional level, by universities and research centers, technical institutes and secondary schools and other organisms that carry out training activities.

Skills development activities must be completed within 90 days from the date of approval of the application by ANPAL (the deadline is increased to 120 days under certain circumstances). These terms are not peremptory and, in the presence of proven reasons, may be extended, according to the assessment of ANPAL.

While the deadline for signing the above agreements is set for December 31, 2020 (which may be extended on amendment of the executive ministerial decree), there is no deadline for submitting applications, which may be submitted until the funds are available.

Workers receiving redundancy funds or wage subsidies on derogation cannot be covered by the social security fund and the Fondo nuove competenze at the same time. It is necessary to have completed the period of redundancy – even the day before – in order to access the Fondo nuove competenze.

There is compatibility between access to the Fondo nuove competenze and the use of income support treatments by the company as long as they do not concern the same worker.

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