The publication of the MEF decree for the allocation of PNRR resources in the Italian Official Journal

Prepared by Energy Team

On 24 September 2021, the Ministerial Decree of 6 August 2021 entitled “Allocation of financial resources provided for the implementation of the interventions of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and allocation of targets” (the “Decree”) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance was published in the Italian Official Journal, which defines the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (the “PNRR”) resources for the administrations responsible for interventions and the timetable of objectives and targets to be achieved until 2026.

Two tables are attached to the Decree:

  • Table A which sets out the financial resources provided for implementation of the PNRR actions to the authorities responsible for the actions, which will contribute to achieving the milestones and targets as defined by the PNRR itself.
  • Table B which indicates the milestones and targets contributing to the submission of the six-monthly reimbursement requests to the European Commission, broken down by the interventions under the responsibility of each Administration.

The Decree also recalls that the respective administrations:

  • shall activate the procedures for the interventions under their responsibility, in accordance with the provisions of the national and European regulations in force, promoting and adopting the related measures, including those relating to the identification of the implementing entities and the assumption of legally binding obligations with third parties;
  •  adopt any initiative necessary to ensure the effective and correct use of the financial resources and the timely implementation of the interventions according to the timetable provided for by the PNRR;
  • oversee the timely, effective and correct implementation of the measures under their responsibility, collecting of the related financial, physical and procedural data to be sent to the PNRR Central Service.

The funds, inter alia, have been assigned for the development of the so-called superbonus, renewable energies, energy efficiency, the smart grid and hydrogen fields.

Below you will find an extract from Table A, summarizing the main areas of interest:

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