The annual obligation to archive accounting books has been abolished

Prepared by Andrea Werner Beilin and Erika Luvarà Law Decree no. 73/2022 converted into Law no. 122/2022, introduced important news in relation to the archiving of the accounting books.In particular, the obligation to electronically archive, within three months following the…

New rules on parental leave and minimum requirements relating to working conditions have come into force on August 13, 2022.

Edited by Payroll and Employment Team On 29 July 2022 the Legislative Decree no. 105 of 30 June 2022 was published on the Official Gazette no. 176. The Decree implements the European Directive no. 2019/1158 which aims to improve the…

Order no. 14908/2022 of the Italian Supreme Court: customs penalties and proportionality principle

With the Order no. 14908 dated April 13, 2022, filed on May 11, 2022, the Italian Supreme Court ruled that customs penalties, imposed by the Customs Authorities, must be proportionate, in other words commensurate with the gravity of the infringement committed by the taxpayer and not exceeding the limits of what is strictly functional to pursue the legislative intent.

A further case of deduction of VAT on importations of goods not owned by the importer

Allowed the deduction of VAT paid on the importation of “modified genes” not owned by the importer and destined to clinical trials conducted by third parties which, if successfully concluded, will allow the importer to market the relevant drugs obtained