“Fondo nuove competenze”: the valorization of the professionalism of the workers

"Fondo nuove competenze" as an active policy tool that, in addition to supporting companies by facilitating their adaptation to organizational and production models changed as a result of the epidemiological emergency, aims to raise the professionalism of human capital in the labor market, enabling workers to acquire new or greater skills and increase their employability.

Budget Law 2021: Main news of interest in matter of labour law, payroll management and personnel administration

Budget Law 2021 - several new regulations and law provisions have been implemented as far as labor law, social security contributions and individual income taxes management are concerned, interesting employers and tax-agents engaged in personnel administration, among which – on the one hand – the strategy of relaunching employment is further strengthened for through several contributory relief measures for the benefit of the employers and – on the other hand – the wage and income protection provisions already settled for in 2020 are confirmed to deal with the emergency issues dictated by the epidemiological crisis from COVID-19 and for development of the reduction plans of the tax wage burdening on employees’ salaries.