Tax assessments in the field of nautical leasing

The nautical sector, and the leasing of pleasure boats in detail, has always been subjected to a strict and deep audit and investigation activity carried on by the Italian Revenue Agency. The several liability of the supplier and the user for VAT purposes applied to the fees and the amounts owed in case of repayment has induced all the companies of the industry at stake to manage rigorously their activity with internal processes that can reduce the tax risks .

New opportunities with the Horizon Green Deal call

Following the proclamations of latest months, amplified by the epidemiological emergency in progress, the European Commission has launched a call for funding under the Horizon 2020 program in the context of the European Green Deal.

INPS clarifies the Covid-19 quarantine-disease binomial

By Message no. 3653, INPS clarified that quarantine and precautionary surveillance for the so-called fragile employees, do not constitute a temporary incapacity to work such as to absolutely prevent the performance of working activities, but represent mere situations of risk both for the employees and the community.

Directive (EU) 2018/957 on transnational secondment is law also in Italy

Companies have to guarantee the same conditions recognized to local workers even to posted workers, applying ipso jure, if more favorable, the same working and employment conditions provided in Italy by law and NCLA of all working sectors, in particular those provided for workers who carry out similar activities in the same place where the posting takes place.