The NCLA for Executives of the Trade Sector has been renewed

Prepared by Francesca Tironi, Giulia Spalazzi and Marco Bove

On 12 April 2023, Confcommercio and Manager Italia reached an agreement for the renewal of the National Collective Labour Agreement for managers of commercial, distribution and service companies. This renewal agreement, intervening mainly on the economic components of the national collective agreement, follows the regulatory changes introduced in June 2021.

First of all, a one-off payment of Euro 2,000.00 in salary arrears is envisaged in the course of 2023 with the following deadlines:

  • Euro 700.00 with the salary of May 2023;
  • Euro 700.00 with the salary of September 2023;
  • Euro 600.00 with the salary of November 2023.

The above amounts are not useful for the purposes of calculating severance pay and other contractual institutions and are subject to ordinary contributions and separate taxation.

The renewal agreement then provided for the amendment of the monthly contractual minimum salaries. In particular, the renewal agreement provided that:

  • as of 1 December 2023, newly appointed or newly hired executives will receive a minimum monthly salary of Euro 4,040.00 (equal to Euro 56,560.00 per year)
  • as of 1 July 2024, newly appointed or newly hired executives shall receive a minimum monthly remuneration of Euro 4,190.00 (equal to Euro 58,660.00 per year);
  • as of 1 July 2025, newly appointed or newly hired executives shall receive a minimum monthly salary of Euro 4,340.00 (equal to Euro 60,760.00 per year).

The renewal agreement also provided for a monthly increase in de facto salary in the following amounts:

  • Euro 150.00 per month starting from 1 December 2023;
  • Euro 150.00 per month as from 1 July 2024;
  • Euro 150.00 per month as from 1 July 2025.

The monthly de facto salary increase is already included in the above-mentioned monthly contractual minimums for newly hired executives. For executives already hired, on the other hand, the monthly increase in de facto salary may be absorbed, up to the amount of the increase, by sums granted by the companies, as an advance or advance on future contractual economic increases.

The renewal agreement then makes it compulsory for the employer to allocate a welfare credit to the trade sector executive welfare platform (before the signing of the renewal agreement in question, the allocation was optional).

The amount to be allocated to the Trade Sector Executives Welfare Platform is equal to Euro 1,000.00 per year and this credit can be used by the executive to purchase welfare goods and services, with effect from 1 January 2024 and 1 January 2025. The benefits just described are in addition to those that may already exist in the company.

Finally, the renewal agreement provided for an increase in the supplementary contribution to the Mario Negri Supplementary Pension Fund (including the contractual membership fee) payable by employers, raising it from 2.39% to 2.43%, effective 1 January 2024, and to 2.47%, effective 1 January 2025.

The renewal agreement is effective as of 1 January 2022, subject to the special terms provided for individual institutes, and is in force until 31 December 2025.

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