The temporary solidarity contributions on the energy sector: overview on the new law measures introduced by the 2023 Italian Budget Law

The Law No. 179/2022 (hereinafter the “Budget Law”), effective starting from 1 January 2023, introduced a temporary solidarity contribution due by the enterprises with activities in the energy and oil&gas (hereinafter the “New Contribution”). The New Contribution has been considered by the Italian Government as “equivalent” to the solidarity contribution provided by the EU Regulation No. 2022/1854 published on 6 October 2022.

Extraordinary Contribution on windfall profits due by the enterprises operating in the energy and oil and gas sectors: criticalities and possible remedies

According to article 37 of the Law Decree no. 21/2022 an extraordinary contribution is due by enterprises which (i) engage in the production or resale of electricity, natural gas or natural gas extraction; (ii) engage in the production, distribution and trade of petroleum products; (iii) permanently import electricity, natural gas or methane gas, petroleum products or bring such goods into the territory of the State from other States of the European Union.

Extraordinary Contribution on “Windfall profits”: updated framework after the clarifications published by the Italian Revenue Agency and critical areas

Article 37 of the Law Decree no. 21/2022 (“Taglia-prezzi Decree” introduced an Extraordinary Contribution, in the form of a solidarity levy, due by the enterprises operating in the energy and oil&gas sectors that realized windfall profits upon the increase of the energy prices and tariffs that affected the energy sector (hereinafter the “Extraordinary Contribution”).

The energy transition also runs through public authorities: let’s take stock of the situation

The energy efficiency potential, also given the growing need to determine alternatives to gas supply, is at the core of the national public debate and represents one of the pillars of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) in the broader perspective of the ecological transition goals imposed at both European and national level.

Recovery and Resilience Plan – Ministry of the Ecological Transition published calls for tenders for funding of green hydrogen production

On March 23, 2022, the Ministry of the Ecological Transition (“MET”), published a call for tender concerning project proposals relating to research and development activities, to be financed within the Recovery and Resilience Plan (“RRP”), in hydrogen matters (the “Tender”).