Electronic invoices, electronic consideration and electronic payments: the data matching carried out by the Italian tax authorities

Edited by Andrea Werner Beilin and Alberto Lanzafame

With the Act no. 352652 dated October 3, 2023, the Italian Tax Authorities identifies how the information resulting from the monthly comparison between electronic payments received and the total amount of electronic consideration and invoices are made available both to the taxpayer and to the Tax Police.

In particular, the Italian tax authorities provides a communication to the taxpayers for whom it seems that the total monthly electronic payments received exceed the overall amount of sales made through electronic invoices or consideration transmitted during the same period.

This measure aims to strength the direction taken by the Italian Tax Authorities to encourage compliance and voluntary declaration of taxable bases by taxpayers through data matching at its disposal.

In this respect, it should be noted that with the Act no. 408592 dated November 4, 2022, the Italian Tax Authorities had already provided for sending communications to taxpayers in the event of a discrepancy between the information resulting from the comparison between the annual VAT return and the data from electronic invoices and consideration.

Upon receiving these communications from the Italian Tax Authorities, whether resulting from the comparison between:

  • electronic payments data and electronic invoices/consideration; or
  • the annual VAT return and electronic invoices/consideration,

taxpayers can report, also through intermediaries, any elements and circumstances unknown to the Italian Tax Authorities or proceed with the voluntary disclosure, as per article 13, Legislative Decree no. 472/1997.

In the context mentioned above, monitoring the data from electronic invoices and consideration transmitted to the Italian Tax Authorities is becoming increasingly important for taxpayers. PwC TLS is available to assist companies in conducting automated checks (for example, automatic annual check between the e-invoices transmitted through SdI and the data available in the VAT registers) aimed at promptly preventing any discrepancies.

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